About Us

Blockchain Company

AhnLab Blockchain Company provides a safe and convenient blockchain wallet service based on AhnLab’s security DNA.

Through continuous technology development for Smart Contracts, NFTs, and Audits, we aim for a future where individuals and businesses can conduct safe transactions in Metaverse and Web3 environments 

The Web3 environment gives users more privileges.

However, due to the process, users are exposed to more threats

to their personal information and assets, and eventually face management difficulties.

Based on extensive experience and latest security technology,

AhnLab Blockchain Company provides a safe and convenient cryptocurrency wallet

that can be reached to users of all ages and cultures.

Company Value

Industry-leading security company and blockchain


Protection of personal assets and transactions based on more than 20 years of Cyber Security technology


Provides stable and reliable service and security through various environments and service operation experience


Providing global services through partnerships with blockchain mainnet and leading blockchain companies

Universal Wallet

Web3 Wallet

Minimize the risk and burden of private key management with a fully decentralized wallet that supports multi-chain.

ABC Wallet gathers digital assets scattered across various platforms in one place and provides DID-based authentication services.



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Partnership and Alliances

Our Partnership

Partnerships and Alliances​

We are open to various partnerships to provide users with new values and the value of blockchain.

We are thrilled to create a blockchain world together with many players who lead the blockchain scene, such as Metaverse, Game, Cross Bridge, Swap, DeX, DeFi and Decentral ID.