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Enhanced blockchain experience with superior security and diverse features that strongly support Web3.

ABC Wallet

Key Features

Why ABC Wallet

MPC Technology

With simple authentication, recovering private key is safe and easy through multi-party consensus algorithm, which protects wallet from security threats.

Safe and Smart

ABC Wallet blocks attempts to transfer wallets involved in fraud or threating transactions and warns users when connecting suspicious or unreliable dApps.


We are supporting not only Layer 1 platforms but also continously expending to Layer 2 for a meaningful contribution to healthy and stable blockchain ecosystem.

Getting Started

Frequently Asked

Click the download button to install it or, download from Appstore on the iPhone, Playstore on Android, or Webstore on Chrome browser.

Click “Sign up” to join the service and you are all set!

Check your wallet address on ABCWallet and transfer assets to your wallet address through the 'Deposit/Withdraw' function at the exchange you use (Binance, Coinbase).

For a more detailed explanation, see the ABCWallet Blog.

Buy NFT from OpenSea with Ethereum and use membership service

Earn interest with Defi service in Clayswap with Klaytn

Connect your wallet to Decentraland and enjoy the metaverse environment.

Please refer to the ABC Wallet Blog for more various usage methods.

I have a lot of wallets. But which wallet is safe even if you lose your key? Which wallet run by a reliable company that can respond in case of an accident?

Wallet like ID card in the WEB3 era,

Use ABCWallet you can trust.


Check out the libraries and resources below to help you integrate in different ways